Welcome to Skinclinic.lu, Laser Center Skin Clinic treatments, Dermatologist, Laser, Botulnium Toxine, Botox, Azzalure, Xeomine, Hyaluronic acid, PRP fat injections
Laser Treatment
Skin clinic laser centre offers a wide range of procedures from laser hair removal to non surgical lifting.
Aesthetic dermatology Luxemburg
Personalized approach to delay the signs of skin agin.
Laser CO2 assisted surgery of benign skin lesions and surgical resection of naevi and skin cancers.

Welcome to Skinclinic.lu, Laser Center

Welcome to Skin Clinic, an innovative dermatology and laser centre.

Discover a new concept in Luxemburg our Skin Clinic with highly specialized doctors in dermatology and esthetic medicine. We are situated at the edge of Esch Sur Alzette, only 12 minutes from Luxemburg. Equiped with the latest technologies, we offer services from basics dermatology to the state of the art laser procedures.  We are also providers of Botulnium Toxine (Botox, Azzalure, Xeomine),  Hyaluronic acid, PRP and fat injections.

Easy parking.

Specific solutions for case oriented rejuvenation.

Consultation by appointment to meet medical problems

On site operation room